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HOW to “read the price chart properly”

For the best price chart reading you need to understand a few laws price is moving with. The first one is that price is every day different but you need to learn how to read the common price pattern so you can than find the oportunity to trade and make money. With our trading system you will get clear instruction what is the best market situation to trade and what types of price chart we can have so you don’t need to risk your money unnecessarily.

HOW to Set you Stoploss and Target

This is the place where most of the traders make the biggiest mistake. Setting Stopploss in the roght place will gives you the oportunity stay in the market side by side with the scalpert and spike movers, big money tries to hit you stoploss and just get your money to theis pocket. So with our trading system you will set the Stoploss and your ProfitTarget to the right place so you will maximalize your profits and minimalize your losses.

Backtest & Forwardtest

The results of 2017 we made to confirm the profitability of SDPAFX trading system

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Great trading system, complete package with crisp and clear education level. It had a big impact on my trading career.
100% recommendation from me. Thank you

Garry Loch

I was a bit lost in trading, but with this trading system I found the way to profits. Now I’m working from home and I enjoy every day with my family.

Lynn Collins

With SDPAFX trading system I found the last part of puzzle. After 2 months learning I’m a Full Time trader and I make profits which I dreamed about. Great product !

Giovanni Matteo

Learning a new language can’t be accomplished in a few weeks or months, likewise learning a trading strategy can’t be happen in a few months. The lessons and the course in this trading community are useless without the support of senior members, we need to see your analysis, correct you, guide you. You will think you are doing things right but you are not. Do you think you can learn a new language by reading a dictionary or even a grammar book? No, you can’t. Then why do most people think they can learn to trade in a few months? Trading is much more difficult than learning any language or career. You are willing to spend 5-10 years learning career in the university but you are not willing to spend 1-2 years to learn how to trade? There are no shortcuts. If you believe you can learn faster, stay away from this community and use the money to give yourself a treat. Don’t let scammers and charlatans convince you that you can learn to trade the markets in a few weeks and double or even triple your capital in a few months. Be realistic! Don’t be naive!. Please browse the site and watch some of my free supply and demand videos before you press the register button. There are no trial accounts.