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Day 1 trading DJI30 Long SDPAFX

DJI30 short was on the program of yesterday. For me the price was in daily demand. There we saw the price action on H4 and a new swing high which means long trend. After that I zoomed to M30 and found the entry after the bounce. Target was set as AB=CD at the end...

Limited Risk <1%

As I told to you many times and as you probably already know, there is 99% of retail traders who are loosing their money. You can also find many videos on youtube telling the truth about the reason why just only 1 trader from 100 is able to make some profits or just...

USDCAD Weekly Analysis |

Seems like the CAD is working for us. Daily engulfing from friday will continue so the weekly chart is already confirmed. Today we want to start the long rally and in correlation the EU is falling so thats a possitive signal of right analysis. CAD targeting 1,4000. Do...

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With SDPAFX Package you will get all the informations about our trading method you need to become profitable trader. You will get template for MT4 Platform, all indicators, scripts and EA’s. Also nice manual with all the informations about chart patterns, price action, where to put your StopLoss, Profit target, where to move to BreakEven. You also get some tips about moneymanagement and position sizing. And of course yaou will get some examples of our life trades with deep comment so you can better understand what’s goin on.

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