Third week starts

Third week starts

USDJPY overnightrange

Hi all, so the UY is in the H4 supply, right now in overnight range, we can aggressively find the entry, but i think it’s better to wait for break in any direction and just react on what is happening rather than awaiting break long or short before it happens.

EurUsd H4 bounce

EurUsd made a small gap, closed it in the night so all is clear and a bit bullish right now. On the EU i expect a bounce from 1,1224 and we will see if this level will be the high before gap close at 1,0737. I’m still awaiting a hard selling.
The GAP on UsdJpy closed

The GAP on UsdJpy closed

Hello, to day i want to show you, what i am sharing in my telegram room.

morning everybody, usdjpy turning up, price around 109,50 could be okay for buyers

the pullback was a bit deeper to 109,37 but according to PA than i am in long trend and i hope for really nice profits

UsdJpy long open profit +37 pips
partial close +50pips on HH, rest on BE and try to get the maximum from the HTF bounce
info for you 110,16 is the ATR daily high, anything above is just a bonus so keep in mind taking your profits from the table
109,81 / 109,68
these two levels are for me the best tu buy
wait for pullback to the level, wait for PA and take action
well the pullback was not so deep, swing kiss was enough
actuall open profit +75 pips 
so i am done for today, nice profit, good win% . . . what an awesome day