The importance of RRR

The importance of RRR

Hi traders, today I want to show you my H4 trade on cabel. There was a nice Demand on H4 which had a good oportunity with RRR3 so decided to trade this and as you can see, its now in open profit of +174 pips adn waiting for the target of 206 pips. I like these trades, because I started this one from H4 which means no stress and emotions at all and you can read some news at Bloomberg for example. You have easily R3, so it’s up to you what risk do you want to take. My risk on this trade was 200€ and this trade could take 24 hours without doing anything else. RRR3 means than +600€ and I see, this will be nice in a fer hours. More informations you can find here

On the other hand, here you can see my trade on EurUsd. It was also taken from H4. Price reached the top and after nice reaction there was a new fresh demand. Most of the time I like to wait for price reactions and pullbacks and than just set the RRR3 again. Here it was SL30 with target 90 pips. Nicely done. For more informations you can visit my KnowledgeBase

A bit different situation is on the AU where I was expecting a bit more fall off so my decision was under the swing low to keep up with the RRR7.

The EurChf is waiting for the RRR5 above the high . . . this is not so much pips, but, you can also get the right risk-on-trade and than easily make nice profit.

The EurGbp is in these days really great to trade because of the difference between EUR and GBP. Also the Higher TF as H4 allows you too stay a bit out of the emotional side and with relax just control the trade. open profit +144 and waiting for the RRR7 under swing low.

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