Dolar in weakening ScoreSHEET#DAY#01

SS01 / T01 / short UsdJpy / +26 pips

…from M30 was a pretty nice trade to catch . . . H1 correction, nice PA in the Supply, zooming to the lower TF, catching the M5 nicely

SS01 / T02 / short AudUsd / +15 pips

quite nice scalp trade fromon M1, i wanted to stay in a bit later, but the situation is not so good and it make no sense to have blocked margin on such a pair

SS01 / T03 / short GbpUsd / -13 pips

I was looking for the reversal setup cable, but the timing was not perfect

SS01 / T04 / long UsdJpy / +28 pips

Probably the last trade of 2.1.2018, short UY was from the H4 demand, quite nice PA with false breakout