Daily Blog 002

Daily Blog 002

Good morning traders, today I want to share with you my trade on DJI30 from yesterday. The whole week before I was looking for the daily Supply in which i was thinking about reversal. Not every single HTF zone is okay for such a bounce, but this one had also the LowerLow on the bottom so that was my biggiest point of decision.

According to this i was looking for the LTF price action on the M30 chart and just waiting for the best timing. Of course for almost all the traders from Supply&Demand base the most important price action is engulfing, so was the mine here. Price engulfed the last low of few bars, so I opened the short trade with target around gap closing.


DJI30 timing from M30 according to price action “engulfing”

At the end this was a nice short +180pips trade, maybe I closed it a bit earlier, there was a bit more potencial, nevertheless this was a successful and I hope in next days the bears will be the ones who will take actions on this index.

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Daily Blog 001

Daily Blog 001

Hi traders, here is the review of the last week. I made a lot of trades, but basicaly i was trading the DJI and DAX a lot. of course there was a bit mistake from my side, because of the volatility I was not so prepared, so the positions were in nice profit but than it became to be a big open loss which I closed and than I was only looking for the rising price in long trend again . . . but already without me.

I just want to say, this trading instruments are really great, but you have to think about the volatility and just care about your equity. For the most of the time, the risk should be really low, so you can stay in the market for a longer time, or you should be able to be in your platform in lower timeframes and react on what the price is doing.

For me the longer period is better right now, because I am not able to be in the platform every single minute, but according to my trading profile, I am not the trader who can live with the H1 and higher. I am loosing confident and focus. So that’s the reason why for me is the lower timeframe M15 better in every single aspect.

At the end of the month february 2018 the profit was close at +14,36%

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