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What’s new in forex trading ?

Hi traders, I dont want to apologize but I feel it’s fair to say I’m not so active in these days because of finishing with my new house. I definately swaped to H4/daily timeframes and there is all fine for me. So today I can share with you how it looks like on some pairs I’m trading and also the results for 2018 on one of my personal accounts.

EurUsd chopy trend

The first is EusdUsd where we can see no trend at all on H4. The price is choppy, mowing to the right without any significant moevments. In last hours we see the drop, probably in reaction to the pound so maybe we can wait for a pullback into zone around 1,1365 and than wait for some bearish price action

EU_121218 sdpafx

GbpUsd dropping deep

The second is GbpUsd where I¨m in short position already few days from 1,2877. The position is in locked profit +56 pips and open profit more than +360 pips. I’m waiting here for the monthly demand where I want probably partil close or even more locked profit move. Will see around 1,2385

GU_121218 sdpafx results of 2018

And at the end, here you can see my results of 2018. This is actually my personal account because the invest account I can’t share, but I think its also good to see how things looks like in real world trading.

results 2018 sdpafx


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