Hi traders, another week behind . . I want to share with you actuall trading results. Equity rising, all is fine. Last Dow long trade closed in profit +440 pips. As I mentioned in the Telegram Room there was a nice pullback and the only thing to do was just hold it, so i did.

SDPAFX equity

SDPAFX Account Equity 11.May 2018

As you can see all is going fine, I made some drawdowns but i was holding my leverage and risk low, so the profits will come of course one day. It’s just the game of patience. You need to stay down, don’t risk to much and just wait for your jackpot day . . .

SDPAFX monthly gain

SDPAFX Monthly Gain 2018

This is something I’m speaking about already for a long time. Lose small amout of you money every day and wait for jackpot, wait for profits, don’t expect you can make money every day . . . make no sense !

Hope you are doing well traders, if not, contact me, we will do something with it.

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