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21/01/2019 9:29 am  

Here you can see my first equity, when i found Supply&Demand trading technique.
I made over +500% in 13 days on DEMO account. This was 2013.
Supply&Demand was a miracle for me. A knowed a lot about trading but this was the last piece i needed to become profitable trader.

That was just awesome stuf and i decided to start Live Account and take a look if I can make real money from trading.
As you can see I made almost the same profit +492,3% in 6 weeks but now it was LIVE and real money!

This was like forex sun rise for me. I was making money from Forex.
After 6 years looking for working system i was at the top and my live account was rising.
So after all this i decided to find a better broker, find ECN account, find better conditions and start working really hard.
After new account was loaded i startet working on the best part - building the account UP and as you can see here.
After 50 days i made over 3000% and my account rised from 200€ to more than 6000€.

After a few months of making nice profits i started to decide i want to make something in trading which can helps other traders
and i can make some passive income out of it. So this will be a win-win setup. traders will learn how to trade,
they will make money and i will get a fee for the learning and sharing my experience.

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22/01/2019 3:39 pm  

For Investor password to my account  and more Informations please Register for FREE!


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