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I think this is something missing on the market. There are tons of traders or lets say marketers who are trying to sell some stuff. I dont want to judge anybody because I was also doing this I just way to point out that this is maybe not the best way how to do it. I took time to make such a decision and trust me its not so easy to make it but I feel the confidence and the understanding of how trading works and thats why I can share all of my know how for free.

This is the point where my FX Project 2019 beginns. I want to share my trades but its not so easy to do it on daily basis so i decided to share the investor login to my live account fund by Admiral markets extra for this action.

I will be trading and anybody who wants to join can join me, get the investor login and see my trades real time in the platform.

I cant say right now what will be the result of this I just feel this needs to be done and it needs to be done this way.

So share the link, share the message and build the account in 2019 with me.

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