Hi traders, here I want to share with you my trading results in march 2018. Trading in this month was pretty nice, there were a lot of possibilities to make nice profits. I have traded the indexes a lot. Fot the most it was DJI30 and DAX30. From forex market there were UsdJpy, EurUsd, UsdChf and GbpUsd the main pairs.

As you can see on the charts my equity is rising. In january there was a loss, but than in february it was already nice profit and now in march its even bigger profit of +22%. I’m keeping my risk around 1-2% on a single trade so the result is pretty nice with RRR around 11.

For next month april 2018 I want to improve the moneymanagement and even lower the risk, because there is no reason to make more than 20% a month. For my purpose the profit around +15% in next 12-18 months is great enough.

So I wish you traders a nice april 2018

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