We are finishing April trading. The profit already reached the barier as I mentioned. Last trades DAX30 long overnight and DJI30 still holding long in profit around +1,5% open. I dont want to make some extra risky trades anymore in this month.

I want to share with you the information, that there is a possibility to copy my profits from Myfxbook. Right now I am in confirmation process so soon I’ll be able to offer the oportunity to copy my trades. Of course there is already the oportunity to copy my trades from MQL5 server. All this could be done automaticaly for you so you just subscribe and all will be fine.

>>>  Copy Trades from MQL5   <<<

For next weeks I plan the registration in more social media platforms, so you all over the world who don’t want to study my trading should be able to connect to my trades and simply copy my profits into your account. Tell me in the comment if you are interested and also which platform social trading are you using. I have right now the MQL5, myfxbook is in process, I plan the roboforex, zulu and others.

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