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Negative EOD

End of Day

The loss trade is not a problem, but a daily reality in traders life. The problem is if trader can’t cut the losses. Some days in trading are really bad and retail traders need to protect the capital but sometimes emotions are to strong and trader lose the account in one day. SafeTradig EA will protect you in daily losses. You set your daily loss target and once you reach it, you will be no more able to trade until 7AM next day. Every single trade will be imidiately closed so your emotions will cut off and you will not be able to do any additionaly damage to your account in the way of market revenge.

Positive EOD

End of Day

Often the problem of retail traders is they make nice profits in a few hours and than lost focus and concetraitons and give the money back to the market. This is main mistake and reason why retail traders are not profitable. It’s really important to not give the profit back to the market. With our SafeTrading EA you will be able to keep your profits, because once you reach the daily profit target, you will be no more able to trade. Every next trade will be imidiatelly closed so if you make nice profits you can’s than give it back to the market and your equity will be rising.

Negative EOT

End of Trade

The biggiest mistake of all the retail traders is to lose to much in one trade. This is just because the psychology and emotions. On one hand traders want to make big money and rise the LotSize, on other hand than they want to revenge the market and get the money back, they rise the lotsize and lose than 50% of the account. The SafeTrading EA keeps you out of these methods and once you set the EOT, it will close your open trades in small losses so you will be still in the game.

Positive EOT

End of Trade

Sometimes we have really high expectations and we are not able to trade according to our plan. This is again the point of psychology and emotions. If trader make a loss he want to get the money back and if he do not rise the lotsize he will certainly higher the ProfitTarget so he expect he makes more money from current trade. This is a big retail traders mistake, because you can’t expect hundrets of pips profit just only because you need to make some nice profit and cover losses. SafeTrading EA will close your profit every time it reach your planned profit targets.

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