Hi traders, today  I just want to speak about my first ScoreSHEET which I finished yesterday. Here I want to share with you the results. In the TELEGRAM room I was sharing my trades as Signals, so everybody can join it and make profit on it. And I think I can do it also for next trades in the same way. So if you are interested, join my telegram room

Here are the results, 4 trades with profit +94 pips. And to the ScoreSHEET#1 I made one small UY trade at night with profit +13 pips, so the result is 107 pips for the ScoreSHEET#1

sdpafx scoresheet 01

As you can see in the table here, the ScoreSHEET was traded with starting account ballance $325 with recommended lotsize 0,11. That’s perfectly calculated for +35% in 100pips. Some of these trades I made with a bit higher LotSize so the ballance now is a bit above the target $439 which is +43,1%

SDPAFX SS01_ scoresheet ballance

In the ScoreSHEET#2 I’ll be hunting 100 pips with 0,16 lots and again I’ll have 10 trades to reach this target.

From yesterday all the trades will be also on my new TradingView profile, so you can discuss, like or share these trades if you like them.

To the end I want to share some of the trades here with you, so you can see what the signals looked like.

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