Some of the yesterdays analysis here. The trend was pretty the same on all pairs I’m trading so EU,GU,AU, Kiwi, DJI, DAX all here was yesterday long. So, as you can expect, there is no big deal. Just waiting for long signals and buying. One from all, here is my GbpJpy. The trend was long and i made R3. Than there was a bis sell and i made another R3 on the correction. After that sell all seems clear to. This was a price reversal and we are in short trend, so we have to short and i made another R3. Than the last one was also a short trade, for me this one was an overnight trade. Partial close today morning made me again antoher R3. So these 4 trades together brought me to the profit of R12 and according to the risk on single trade, this can be +12% by the risk of 1% or it can be +36% by the risk 3% on single trade. Depends on your moneymanagement.

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