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Entry Pattern M15 Timeframe Ema Low&High

Entry Pattern M15 Timeframe Ema Low&High

One of the greatest patterns I am trading is called “EMA Low&High”

For this pattern I am usualy looking on M15 chart where the price is making nice pullbacks to EMA100
Normaly these pullback are making new HL in long trend and new LH in short trend

Let’s take a look on this chart, trend was long, price made nice pullbacks to EMA100 but than after a nice long rally price breaked the last Ema Low. This is signal for me, trend is reversing and I have to take a look on fresh new supply which was made by the SOM where the breaking short swing started.

You can also find this article in my Forum >>>here<<<

Next steps are still the same, we already see “B” the break, so we would like to wait for “P” pullback into the SOM where our LMT order is and after execution this order we expect “C” continuation short. SL above the SOM zone, target according to HTF H4 probably new LL.

Follow me…

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